I am completely out of my mind! I am so happy, I was jumping around for about half an
hour. Still can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooyeehoo!
I was about to pack up my stuff here in London and go to my mum's in Austria for a while,
so I can safe some money and try and get a visa for  the US - that was BEFORE I got a
callback. Do you want to know why? Because the trip to Los Angeles HAS CHANGED MY
LIFE! And I had decided that going there is what I WANT!
Thank you - for your support, your encouragement, for believing and letting me believe in
It means so much to me!

Nadine Salem
I just wanted to say thanks for the
hollywood trip it was the best time of my life

Leisha Fox
Just wanted to thank Hey Hollywood for the chance
to go over and audition. I had a great time and met
some amazing people. I was lucky enough to get a
callback and want to go back as soon as possible.

Laura Ellis
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