HUGE experience! I am so impressed by your style of work and living. And so, so happy that I got this chance. (We don't actually know in Europe that you
"import" actor or actresses into LA.) :)
Jaana Saari Facebook

Everything your on website was true. I actually thought that we are only going to visit Stella Adler school but we were also in Sanford Meisner  center  which
was a great experience. I got to know different techniques in acting and to me that's  very important.
We met 26 agents! Some actors, who are in this industry for a long time, don't have this chance to meet so many  agents . You have to give 110 % ,
because it can change your life. I was a little bit nervous , probably because it was my first audition but when I came in to the room where agents were - I
was just myself  and act from my heart. TJ thank you for everything - I really appreciate all that you have done for me and I know that I wouldn't be able to
achieve this on my own in that short amount of time . You're the best.
Ajda Stare Facebook

If anyone has a heart for acting, i say - go for it. It is an amazing program and I met so many loving people who made the few days better than ever. We got
to have a professional photo-shoot and have our makeup done, which gave us a good taste of what it's like in the real acting world. We had a full day at
Stellar Adler to perfect our monologues before the big day of auditioning in front of 26 of Hollywood’s leading agents. The worst part is waiting for a
callback - just stay positive and don't put yourself down if you don't get one.  
Shauna Smith Facebook

THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR. MANOU!!! for this unbelievable trip and great opportunity to be presented to more than 25 Hollywood agents! That was just
amazing experience, which could never happen to me without HHHIC Program. I feel like a fairy-tale became reality! Thank you, HHHIC! And for those
guys who may have some doubt: I swear this all is absolutely true!!!
I’ve got a lot out of it – even though I thought I knew everything about acting. We had such a great training at Stella Adler Academy, and I’ve found out the
big difference between European way of auditioning vs Hollywood requirements. If you are thinking about which package to choose – my advice would be
“Get Platinum”. I was a Silver participant, and I regret about that million times after! Other guys from my group have got fabulous pictures with Alan
Weissman. I was thinking my picture was OK, but… Now I know it sucksJ And I missed many other events, which would be so helpful for audition!
Vera Kuznetsova

When I first arrived at LAX airport I didn't know what to expect, but after a couple hours of sleep at the Holiday Inn I quickly realized that this would be a once
in a lifetime experience, that would change the direction of my career. To visit the Stella Adlers Studio and learn from the best in the world and auditioning
in front of Hollywoods leading agencies didn't just transform me into a more confident actor, but also made me a stronger person. I got in what week the
opportunity to do things that other actors dream of, and I am already planning on moving to Los Angeles, to go to Stella Adlers, one of the best acting
schools in the world. All because of HHHIC.
Kim Solfeldt Högström Facebook

When I first heard about HHHIC I thought it was a scam because it sounded too good to be true. And at the end of the trip, I didn't want to go home. Thanks
to TJ Manou and their Hey Hollywood Programme! It was worth every cent and every second! If you get the chance, do it!
Karolina Hoff Facebook

The nerve racking experience was auditioning in front of the agents but once the first bit was out the way you just went for it. This is one experience i'll
never forget with HHHIC, its a one in a life time opportunity to have 25/30 agents in one day.
Lee Craven Link

When I first came across Hey Hollywood it sounded too good to be true! It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences I´ve had! It was absolutely
amazing. Meeting the leading casting agents in Hollywood was like a dream come true. I would recommend this program to anyone who is in to acting. I
had the time of my life!
Linda Marie Andersson Facebook

The HHHIC program was so professional and well organized. It was entirely up to expectations. It was really wonderful to have photoshoot by one of the
top celebrity photographer in Hollywood. The Stella Adler day was really important to me because I got so useful tips. The audition day was the top and
really huge experience. I would like to thank HHHIC for a great time and specially Mr. TJ Manou for being there for us all the time.
Ingibjörg Reynisdóttir Facebook

Hey Hollywood gives you an amazing chance to showcase your ability in front of top agents in Hollywood and one I’m very thankful for. I would recommend
Hey Hollywood to anyone who wants to chase their dream of being an actor.
Adam Matthews Facebook

"Where do I start! Going to Hollywood was the most breathtaking experience I have ever had. It was an honour to receive top class training, top class
photography and most of all to be given the opportunity to audition for L.A.'s top agents and casting directors, a great privilege. TJ, you are so professional
and I honestly felt that you knew the real me as an actress from the very beginning. You made the experience truly unforgettable. So thank you for this life
changing opportunity ."
Victoria George-Vale  Facebook

I think what I liked the most about the trip was, hmmm... everything, I don't even know what I liked the most, because I loved everything about it, it was so
awesome! And I am not even exaggerating. It was amazing, and I loved it!
Kira Ytting Facebook

My first experience with HHHIC was in March 2010. Unfortunately I did not receive any callbacks. In October I auditioned again and received callbacks,
thanks to all the professional advices HHHIC gave me.
Hossein Mardani Facebook

As an actor i enjoyed, learned and benefitted from the acting training, whole atmosphere around Hollywood was phenomenal, and the auditions have
given me enormous levels of confidence and a new drive for success.
Lamin Tamba Facebook

Hey Hollywood was a fantastic experience. I learnt so much about auditioning techniques which gave me a lot of confidence in front of all the agents. TJ
gave everyone a lot of positive advice which helped tremendously. The photo shoot was also amazing and without him and the help of everyone else none
of this would of happened and I thank everyone with all my heart. They made me feel so welcome and it was a fun week.
Karishma Bhandari Facebook

There is absolutely no way that I would have missed this chance, not for all the cynics and nonbelievers in the world. Ignore the people who doubt - take
the opportunity and give it everything you have - and then some more. You won't regret it!!
Matthew Childs Facebook

When I first came across Hey Hollywood it sounded way too good to be true. It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. It’s an experience
that could save you five years of your career, if not more, cutting straight to the opportunity to showcase yourself in front of 25-30 of L.A’s leading agencies.
I couldn’t have asked for a better way to get my foot in the door in Hollywood! So if you get the opportunity to go to LA with Hey Hollywood, DO IT!
Martina Bjäre Facebook

HHHIC is not built on false hope. At the end you made me feel like leaving home. Thank you
Mathieu Van den Branden Facebook

I have nothing bad to say about my experience, it was absolutely AMAZING!!
Mariangela Longo Facebook

‘JUST DO IT ‘...if you have any doubts , don’t , I did , but still came and it was amazing. Met a top class photographer who has photographed cameron diaz
, angelina jolie and loads more... also experienced an amazing teacher at one of the best drama schools in the world and topped off with auditions in front
of 25 top level agents.
Clive Dancey Facebook

Best thing I've ever done!!!  Wish I'd done it years ago!!!  I've already had a callback with an top hollywood agent that I like!!!  Just sorting out my visa and I'm
going back!!!! Plus I was chosen by Hey Hollywood to go on a helicopter ride, I feel like I'm a star!!!
Juel Stokes MySpace

I thought at 1st it was a scam, or fraud or something. Well if you think like that, you better think again because THIS IS REAL MAN! :)
Vania Christy Raharja Twitter

Since I live in LA I met a lot of actors and when I tell them about this showcase they envy me. Some of them live in Hollywood for years and maybe met 2 or
3 agents. To meet all those agents in just one day! Priceless!"
Alexander Schottky IMDB

To be so close it gives you a real sence of what it's like to be living your dream!! I wouldn't change one thing about it. I've met some truly amazing people in
the industry and this whole experience has inspired me to get where I want to be, no holding back now. Thank you HHHIC.
Katie Kerr Facebook

The first thing that ran through my mind when I heard of HHHIC was: SCAM! I couldn't have been further from the truth. This is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to get a top agent in Hollywood and start your career there as a working actor. With hardwork, preparation and a positive attitude you will benefit
from this program- as I did! My biggest dream is about to come true!
Samba Schutte IMDB, Facebook

What just happened? I went to Hollywood, met 21 agents, one better than the other and got a callback !This trip was invaluable! The group was awesome
and everything went on the best way it could! If you're asking yourself if it's worth it, IT IS!
Teo Celigo Facebook

So glad I jumped into it and just did it, it was all worth it. You gave me a chance to put myself out there and to get a call back was just mind blowing!
Jeff Tjin -

To anyone reading this, It is true and it is Too Good!! But it is not too good to be true!! It's just true!!! If You want a chance to get picked up by L.A's top
agents this is something that can help you do that!
Oliver Morris - Facebook

We got to not only audition for 16 agencies, but we had the incredible benefit of hearing feedback and advice from them, regarding working successfully in
LA. My experience with HHHIC was everything I'd hoped it would be.
Odile Rault - IMDB Facebook

HHHIC put me in front of a number of the leading Agents in Hollywood. I feel certain that in years to come I will look back and see that this experience was
crucial in kick starting my film career. I highly recommend it.
Geoff Talbot IMDB -

I have no hesitation in recommending this opportunity to anyone. As, for me personally I will definitely be going back.
Sol Heras - IMDB
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