Celebrity photographer Alan Weissman picked two of our group members out of
hundreds of headshots he has taken to promote his business.
Congratulations!!! to RICKI SOL HERAS  Luke, in ITV1 UK's new
entertainment drama
Rock Rivals, who went to Hollywood with us.  
Rock Rivals is Ricki's first major acting role and he managed to pick this
up as soon as he had come back from our Hollywood trip. Ricki also
starred in a feature film,
Splintered, UK TV Series, Hollyoaks. Since
then he's been back and picked up a leading Hollywood Agent through us.
Ricki later starred in feature film “Splintered” and has made several
appearances in UK TV series Hollyoaks Later.
Actors who have been back to Hollywood and signed to Top Hollywood Agencies

Andrew James Porter, Alison Winter, Emi Hatanaka, Marianna Nespoli,
Jacqueline Vleck, Kal Rai, Leisha Fox, Camellia Foroughi, Alicia Blake, Marc
Gruss, Omar Skervin, Stacy Fan and Benjamin Clarke.
Actors who successfully auditioned and are coming back to Hollywood to work

Andrew Porter, Diana Senkal, Lucy Ryan, Jeff Tjin, Arthur Zwetzich, Assad Raza,
Jacqueline Moran, Nathalie Grundquist, Nathalie Westerlund, Skyla MacDonald,
Andrew Cruickshank, Caroline Connor,
Katharina Ustinov, Tajana Prka, Louise Malin, Kea Guerrera, Maria Shine
Sakhina May, Cameron Box, Shiden Meghedzebe, Elissa Boustani, Joanna Topetzes,
Edward Wallace, Geoff Talbot, Leo Phelan, Gavin Baldwin, Laura Ellis, Lucie
Vondráčková, Paulina Pöllänen, Tomas Glaving, Matthew Cox, Daniel Winward,
Camilla Dahlgren, Rickard Didricksson, Valraj Mann, Nadine Salem.
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Benjamin Clarke
Jeff Tjin
Raphaël Björkroth
Andrew Porter
Omar Skervin
Alicia Gold
Alicia Blake
Leisha Fox
Geoff Talbot
Alison Winter
Samba Schutte
Martin B.
Hossein Mardani
Julian Kaas
Teo Celigo
Congratulations!!! to Nia Morris. Nia is only 12. Nia accompanied by
her Mum went to Hollywood with us and auditioned in front of 30 Agents
and Casting Directors.  Nia auditioned , got an Agent and moved to
Hollywood in less than six months. Shortly after coming to Hollywood she
booked her first commercial.
Congratulations!!! to to Samba Schutte for winning the Comedy
Madness Stand Up
competition held March/April in Los Angeles. Samba
went to Hollywood with us and wowed the Agents and Casting Directors
at the Auditions. After getting multiple callbacks he came away with a
Manager, a Theatrical Agent and a Commercial Agent.  At Comedy
Madness Samba competed against 64 of LA’s up-and-coming comedians
at LA’s famous Comedy Store, 8433 Sunset Boulevard and came in FIRST.
Jose Fidalgo
Nia Morris
Ricki Sol
upcoming trips: October 19, 2011
Samba Schutte