I would firstly like to thank everyone involved for their help, guidance, ideas and
professionalism on my trip with HHHIC.
Kerri Moore
There are no words that can express the fun, the beauty and greatness of the time I had,
professionally and personally.  Everything was just beyond my expectations. The crew was
just unbelievably nice.
Silvia Calzolari
I had high expectations for this trip, and it is rare that your expectations are not only met but
surpassed!  Nice one! TJ deserves a special thanks, as his friendly spirit and superb
organisation enabled us to get the most from the experience.
Dan Stent
“I was expecting successful LA producers etc. to be a bit scary, but I was very pleasantly
surprised to find that every single person who worked with us was so friendly. I truly enjoyed
every moment. I am so glad I was given this opportunity and embraced it! I’d do it again in a
Christina Carmichael
At first I had my suspicions about this package ie paying money up-front but I guess that
was necessary and I take back any thoughts of scam! A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL for your
hard work, support, care and passion – for the creative and creativity.
Georgie Timmis
© 2011 HHHIC Ltd.
My experience in Los Angeles was brilliant.  It was an intensive reality to what life as an artist
is like. Overall I had an amazing experience...
Elsa Maria
The whole week was really brilliant. The hotel was excellent as well as the area around it. It
was fantastic to have such a good experience in such an amazing place. I shall remember it
forever. I don't think I've ever had so much fun in one week. I've learnt so much and was so
honored to be working with such professionals.
Sara Ashley
You all did a GREAT JOB. The song sounds incredible and the video is short and precise
and to the point. My wife and I both agree that it looks very professional and that I now have
something worthwhile to show.
Kevin Rogers                                                                                                                      
Such a fantastic experience. Everybody was extremely professional and all very lovely
people. Working with the whole team was enjoyable and I gained a vast amount of music
“know-how” that is required for the industry of music, film and performance.
This experience is definitely one I will remember forever. I will take away a lot from this. If
anything it has given me the motivation to do more and to work even harder to achieve my
Emily Ponte
HHHIC has been an AMAZING experience. I feel like I’ve learned a lot and have had a little
insight into the music business."
Sophie Jones
The trip as a whole has honestly been a life-changing experience....it takes you into a whole
new world of opportunity and allows a glimpse of what could be. My sincere thanks to HHHIC
for giving me the opportunity to embark on this journey!!!!
Kylie Valentine
We left LA on a high with an amazing recorded song and memories we wont forget. We look
forward to an invaluable follow-up service with HHHIC!
Casey & Tania Jarvis
The HHHIC programme was awesome; it was incredible, loved every minute of it. I thought
that the master classes were extremely informative and gave a great insight into the industry.
Marqus Harding
"Had a great time it was very productive. Enjoyed doing the work with Lysa (video) and also a
great experience in the studio with Adam (engineer). TJ was great. "
Sophia Satori
“HHHIC has found a great way to develop new artists and expose them to the music
business. The artist’s will truly benefit from their experiences and HHHIC will surely find
some exciting unknown talent to show the world.”
Adam Kagan
Sound Engineer Los Angeles, CA
"It was truly a pleasure meeting with such talented and promising  artists. The team that
HHHIC has put together is outstanding from the  ground up. Keep up the great work!"
James Kenney
master-class Los Angeles, CA
"Strong Presentation Package is essential in the Music Business as it’s your first impression.
Artists will Greatly benefit from HHHIC experience and services, I have no doubt...”
Von Yepremyan
Entertainment Lawyer Los Angeles, CA
“This Industry is always hungry for a new Artists. HHHIC has set up a new great structure for
discovering new talented Acts. Fantastic…
Pig Factory Music Publishing
Los Angeles, CA
"I want to thank everyone I met for their time, their patience and the dedication they showed
me. I also want to thank Earl King for his support and for giving me this great opportunity".
Nathalie Seenyen
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