to edgy R&B
Pop sound.
Sophia Satori
She is able to handle big
adult contemporary ballads
and slick urban soul.
Lloyd Young
Inoffensive and slightly
aggressive melodic rock
Kevin Rogers
Tom Coral
Sara Ashley
Multi-talented singer, songwriter,
producer and instrumentalist.
With his unique voice and
smooth tone, he surely
turned the heat up in the
studio with a memorable
18 years old singer/songwriter
who plays piano, guitar, violin
and writes wonderful songs.
Sophie Jones
She has an extraordinary
talent for singing and
writing songs.  Watch
out! Here's a new diva of
Her inimitable
soprano voice and
unique personality
touches everybody.
Sexy pop/dance vibe
from this sensual
Irish lass.
With her dedication and
hard work this talented
singer/performer will
surely go places.
Kylie Valentine
Natalie Rodgers
She’s committed to
perfecting her craft and
taking it to the next level.
Hannah Greenwood
There is a mature voice
behind that shy personality.
This girl will be going places.
Annabel Howard
Full of life and presence.
This girl is very hard to
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Emily Ponte
A fresh, updated spin on
classic pop/soul roots.
This singer/songwriter
has an amazing tone.
This sexy Italian singer can hit
notes. She’s full of passion and
ability to deliver what’s needed for
the song.
Her very sensual and
mature voice is flexible
enough to perform
almost any song.
Nothing will stop this
singer to pursue her
dream. Here’s an artist
who makes her own luck.
Pop-Rock singer/songwriter and
instrumentalist with a pleasant
tone and a great personality.
Dan Stent
Sylvia Calzolari
Georgina Timmis
Tina Carmichael
This singer/songwriter, dancer
has a lot to offer. He has
excellent songwriting ability
and a great positive attitude.
Twins are not common in
this industry. Watch out for
this powerful duo with
outstanding vocal abilities.
Marques Harding
Casey and Tania Jarvis
Nathalie Seenyen
One of the most
vibrant, straight from
the heart young
female artists.
Elsa Maria
Unique, intricate voice
singer/songwriter has a
lot to say and will surely
make the difference.
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