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Who is qualified for submission?
You have to have complete authorization to assign your material to FILM/TV and Production

Do I need to copyright my material?
We very strongly advise you to do this before submitting any material to anybody. Please see
Writers Guild of America link for more info.
WGA registry.

What format should I submit my material in?
We only accept digital submissions e.g. email, web-links, websites or any other internet pages.

What are the program dates?
The program dates are on the top left-hand side of the website.  These are subject to change if
there is some unforeseen circumstance.  We will notify you as quickly as practicable in such

Do I need to go to LA?
No.  We are happy to hand your material to the agents ourselves.
Yes.  If you prefer meeting the Agents face-to-face and pitching your material yourself.  We
guarantee meetings with Top Hollywood Agencies, giving you a chance to meet and take full
advantage of our great contacts in Los Angeles.

Are you a Talent or Casting Agency?
No.  We are a dynamic, cutting edge, multi-faceted organization which specializes
in giving talent access to very influential industry professionals in Hollywood.  

What Hollywood Agencies am I going to pitch for?
All of the agents are SAG (Screen Actors Guild) affiliated or franchised and are
veterans of film, TV and Theater who have been in the business for many years.
All of our agencies have placements in many major American TV shows, soap
operas, and feature films.

Can you guarantee success?
What we guarantee is to put your material or you personally in front of top
Hollywood Agencies giving you the chance to go all the way in this business. Your
future is in your hands. It’s up to you how you impress these very influential

What are the fees and what do they include?
Our program fees are all-inclusive. They cover everything except personal
expenses, such as shopping, taking taxis, or other activities going beyond the
planned program.

Specifically, the fees include:
•  Travel, accident, and medical insurance for the full period of the program
•  All LA travel costs while you are on the program
•  Masterclasses
•  Face-to-face meetings, presentations and pitches to 15-20 Top Hollywood
•  Other networking opportunities
•  LA hotel accommodation with light refreshments
•  Free legal consultancy with accredited immigration lawyer
•  Any pre-planned group excursions
•  Friendly and close at hand support

If I’m going to the US are there any visa requirements?
Citizens of many countries can enter the US visa free under the US visa waver
Check the
 US Department of State for full details.
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