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It was great to see such Internationally marketable actors that were well-trained!  The selection
was exceptional!  Usually casting directors and agents would have to make special trips to
foreign countries to find what was conveniently assembled in front of our eyes.
T. Richards, Los Angeles

I love attending your showcases. The actor's monologues are executed with such
professsionalism and efficiency. The idea of adding actors from the United Kingdom to my
theatrical and commercial roster is quite exciting. TJ, you have "parlayed" your actors into
Hollywood with such graceful ease and careful attention to what an agent requires of "new
faces" in this town.
N. Connor, Los Angeles

I have had great experiences with TJ's showcases and have been impressed with the level of
actors he has been able to bring over and put in front of us.  I have definitely seen people that I
believe would be an asset to our agency if and when they choose to make the move to Los
B. Bell, Los Angeles

TJ does a wonderful job at setting up a talented mix of actors for his showcases. I’m always
happy to attend in an effort to find new and undiscovered British talent.
J. Krudup, Los Angeles

We've had the pleasure of working with very fine European actors through TJ Rizing
Productions Inc. I can tell that TJ has a very sharp sense of discovering talented actors and has
the necessary background and experience to expose them to this exciting industry. The actors
he picks to come to Los Angeles are being seen by top agents and casting directors after they
attend our Master Class at Stella Adler Studios, LA. Most of them have been called back which
gives me great pride in knowing that all the hard work paid off.
Faculty Member of the Stella Adler Studios, LA
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