Three Myths of Show Business
Because show business is such a mysterious, secretive entity for most people (even to those who live in Los
Angeles), many aspiring actors often fall prey to one of the many myths surrounding show business.

Myth #1: Show Business Is Closed to Outsiders
Many people think that show business has all the talent it needs and has firmly shut the doors on finding and
discovering any new talent.
Don’t believe this myth one bit! Actors fade in and out of popularity all the time. In reality, show business always
needs new talent, so a fresh new opening for talented actors is always becoming available, and that actor could
be you!

Myth #2: It’s Who You Know, Not What You Know
Having a relative in show business simply makes it easier for you to step through the doors into show business.
To succeed, you still have to have talent to appeal to the general public. Most people know who Sylvester
Stallone, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts are, but does anyone know that each of them has a brother who is an
actor too? If this is news to you, it only proves that being related to someone famous isn’t a guaranteed ticket
to success.

Myth #3 You Can Be “Discovered” and Made into a Star
Show business loves to perpetuate the myth that a casting director will one day walk into a restaurant or store
and suddenly decide to make the cashier of that place into the next big star.
Don’t use this as an excuse. Just because you have a billion-to-one chance that someone may discover you on
the street doesn’t mean that you should suddenly stop pursuing other avenues that could boost your acting
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